AromaSalts Collection



Give up your tension. Wash away anger, stress and anxiety with the soothing power of lavender. 
AromaSalts Lavender Collection

red apple
Crisp and invogorating. From the warmth of your bath, let the essence of autumn rejuvenate your spirit. 
AromaSalts Red Apple Collection

green tea
The secret of the Orient! Clenase your body and refresh your spirit with the anti-oxidant power of green tea. 
AromaSalts Green Tea Collection 

Sweet and luscious. Immerse yourself in the mouthwatering flavor of summer's fruit. 
AromaSalts Peach Collection 

Renew your inner strength. The aroma of juniper permeates your senses, stimulates your mind and empowers your body.AromaSalts Juniper Collection 

strawberry kiwi
Fresh and delicious. Submerge your body in the sweetness of summer. 
AromaSalts Strawberry Kiwi Collection 

Soft and comforting. Enveloped by the scent of life, your skin with recapture the silky tenderness of youth. 
AromaSalts Milk Collection 

cucumber melon
Clean and revitalizing. Bathe your skin in the freshness of a summer garden. 
AromaSalts Cucumber Melon Collection 

Rugged yet refined. Men with taste and style soak away their troubles and come out with renewed strength. 
AromaSalts Man Collection 

pineapple tangerine
Sweet and tangy. Submerge yourself in the tropical luxury of perfect citrus synergy. 
AromaSalts Pineapple Tangerine Collection

Clean and natural. Soak your body in the pure healing power of the Dead Sea minerals. 
AromaSalts Free Collection 

mandarin mango
Soft and refreshing. Immerse yourself in the tropical essense of Asia's prized fruits. 
AromaSalts Mandarin Mango Collection