20+ Hand Buffers with Exfoliating Hand Scrubber

Everything you need for beautify, youthful hands, softer cuticles and conditioned nails in one luxurious All-in_One buffer. Your hands deserve APPLAUSE instead of ordinary soaps and lotions. Paten-pending infusion technology provides a perfect mixture of cleansing gel, natural moisturizers, anti-oxidants, anti-aging ingredients, and a delicate aromatherapeutic fragrance. New sumicron technology, SALSPHERETMSEAWEED, a natural breakthrough in mosture delivery and retention, is proven to synergize with Glycerin and Vitamin E to provide an abundance of rich, natural humectants that are released slowly to the skin for a lasting silky sensation and all-day-long softness. Use the soft side to cleanse/moisturize and the scruffy side for a relaxing mini-massage...sheer pleasure and pampering every time! SalSphereTM Seaweed deposits onto the skin, where the polysaccharides are retaining moisture on the skin surface and firming the skin. The sumicrons functions as a reservoir from which humectants, such as Vitamin E, can slowly release.