"Stopped by the booth today while at Atlanta temps. The girl working the booth was precious and very helpful. She have me great advice and was knowledgeable about the line. She deserves a prize!
Cinde W.

"I have used your products for a couple of years now and previously purchased at my local Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio and they no longer have the product so I'm ordering and will be ordering from you online. Love your product, helps with my eczema." 
Becky F.

"I am out of London, Ontario, Canada. I love the Canaan Cosmetics product line, and I'm having a hard time finding it."
David M.

"This time I actually needed and I mean NEEDED my MILK aroma butter. I am telling you, I am addicted to it. 

I still have a tub of the FREE butter that I use for the kids so I've been using that the past few days - but the girls say it's no good because I no longer smell like mommy. 

Seriously - it is "my smell" now. LOVE IT! When I strike it rich I'll just order a lifetime supply. :) "
Jenn B.

"I was introduced to your pedi scrub product a couple of months ago. I just want to tell you how much I love it! Due to the economy, I am no longer able to get professional pedicures and your pedi scrub product has saved me. I recommend your product to everyone, and I plan to purchase several of them for stocking stuffers and to add to "spa" baskets for teachers for the holidays. Thank you so much for making this product. I look forward to trying the other products you have. I live in rural South Carolina and availability seems limited. Hopefully, we will see more of you products soon. (I ask store managers constantly to carry more). 

Thanks again for all you do. It really does make a difference. "
Barbara P.

"Recently I purchased a spongeables pedi-scrub foot buffer.I'm so impressed and pleased with this item.I'm a caregiver for my mother who has alzheimers and up until recently,I've been working full-time as well so I don't have a lot of time to get pedicures but I'm extremely well groomed.I've been searching for a while for a foot care product that would help me keep my feet smooth but that I can use quickly in the bath or shower.this product is exactly what I've been looking for.kudos to your company for making this awesome product.I told my fiance how happy I was and so we went and bought another one.what other products that are quick,easy and versatile does your company make? id love to try some other body products. "
Deborah C.

"I just placed my first order with you, have not received it yet. My son brought home a jar of the Juniper aroma butter and I have to say at first I was not real sure about it as I have tried so many lotions for him (he has very dry skin so we are always looking for that ONE special product) "Well this seems to be "IT" for him. This lotion has made it's way through out the house, someone is always asking where the "LOTION" is at. Before our jar ran out, I told my son we were getting LOW and needed more, he said he'd get us some, when we did run dry....I had to resort to the web address on the container to get our FIX, I can hardly wait to get my shipment in and I certainly will be passing it around to others too. "
Alyson B.

" I recently was at the Camex Expo in Orlando, Florida. I work for a clothing company and so I was there for business but ran across the booth you guys had set up. On the first day of attending the show I tried a bit of the Milk AromaButter on my hands. I went about my business and after the closing of the show I could still distinctly smell the cream on my skin AND my hands were still very very soft. I decided to buy some the next day. I purchased the 8 oz container and grabbed a second to give to my mother. I began using it that night and I can tell you now that I like this cream better than St. Ives, which was my previous favorite. AromaButter is honestly the best product I’ve used. One of the most fantastic things about it is I can put it on my legs in the morning and at the end of the day, after wearing jeans for 10 hrs...my legs have NO sign of dryness...they’re moisturized and soft...and reflects light in such a way that my husband noticed. He said to me just last night, “I love the way the light is reflecting off your legs...they look so healthy.” I just smiled and knew that it was because of the AromaButter. I also love how it soaks in so quickly not leaving a residue. I work on a computer all day and don’t have time to wait for lotion to sink in so that I’m not leaving behind a greasy mouse or a greasy keyboard. My mother texted me a few days after giving her the second container I purchased and said, “I love love LOVE that cream you gave me! It’s awesome!” 

So thankyou so much. I am looking forward to the warm months ahead and not having to reapply lotion during the day to my legs and arms. One application of AromaButter and I’m all set :)"
Jeanette G.

"Thank you Joey (Mr. Gilbert). I appreciate your person help and the time you took for me. I love your products, especially the Lavender ones."
Gary L.

"I just had to weigh in on this. The very best lotion I have ever used and continue to use is called AROMA BUTTER by the Dead Sea Pavilion. It comes in a big fat tub and is super thick - lasts a VERY long time. I have been using it for years, through two pregnancies & never had an itch (except when I ran out) or a stretchmark (seriously - NO STRETCHMARKS! - not a one!) It should be called Belly Butter. 

This is the only lotion that I could use living on the East Coast - always moisturized, but never greasy. I ran out last spring and started using something else and after itching this past fall, finally reordered - let me tell you, it was like my body was taking a long long drink of water. My skin feels so happy. 

You can order through the website - it comes very fast. I use the milk flavor - but also keep the "Free" on hand for the kiddos dry skin. 

www.aromasalts.com the scrub and the salts are fantastic too. Can't say enough good things about it. 

Love your skin & treat yourself. "
Jennifer B.
creative artist / owner

"I am a lavender freak! This is the best smelling lavender product I have ever come accross. Thanks! "
Jennifer A.

"Thanks so much for your prompt reply =) Just to let you know my massage clients love the butter =) I do too, plus the excellent service!

Mahalo (Thank You) "
Beverly G.
Licensed Massage Therapist

"Mineral Care's Aromabutter is one of the best lotions I have ever used. I discovered it several years ago and used it during my first pregnancy as a belly cream - no dry skin, no itching, NO STRETCHMARKS - not a single one!!. I have since used it as a regular everyday lotion, the "Free" flavor as a lotion for my daughter's dry skin during the winter months and with two months to go for baby #2 - again as a belly butter with NO sign of STRETCHMARKS! I can not say enough good things about AromaButter! "
Jenn B.
San Francisco, CA

"This is the best body butter on the market. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, with a delicious scent of fruit. It lasts all day and is easily applied anywhere on the body. You haven't enjoyed feeling so good until you've tried this body butter. Thanks much."
Deborah R.
Palos Park, IL

"Thanks for the package. It arrived in tact and I am very appreciative of your good service. I'm enjoying the products and you will hear from me as I need more of the same as well as new products that I'll be trying out. Better to give the business to Israel rather than any other country!"
Lori E.

"WOW great service!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, I will continue purchasing items from your Company."
L. Deloye

"Got it and we love it! Thanks so much. It really did come on Monday just as you promised. You have customers in us! Thanks again."
M. Salamida

"I have used your product and am very pleased with it. I would like to purchase some more of the Milk. If you would be so kind to let me know what stores carry it. I love everything about the cream and it smells so good and feels so nice on the skin. 

Thank You,"
E. Dreese
Marietta, GA

"I wanted to say thank you so much for the quick (much easier than shopping at the store) delivery of my product. I also like that you included samples, a free gift and lots of information (including price list) of products. That is definitely the way to keep customers. We will recommend your products as well as order again."
- Y. Santos

"Wonderful product! My particular application was for dry, cracked skin on the soles of my feet... within 3 days my skin had smoothed out and the cracks were gone!"
- T. Chaffer

"Healthy Complexions Spa has used Mineral Care Spa products since we opened in March 2001. We use the product line in every domain of our spa. The most success has been with our spa pedicures and most recently our organic facials. We promote our spa as a sanctuary for image and total well-being. Mineral Care Spa markets toward "Well-being for Face and Body". This synergy made our decision to partner up with these fabulous result oriented products, very simple. Our favorite treatment is the Hydra Mask. We use it after microdermabrasion and all of our clients have loved the feel of their skin.

"Thanks Mineral Care."
- Healthy Complexions Spa

"Your products are the best! I have given your web site to many of my friends so they can also enjoy your products."
- A. Valence

"I purchased are REALLY fabulous!!...(and believe me when I say I'm an expert in Beauty Care items..)...also, the customer service was great!...as well as the ship time!

"Many Thanks Mineral Care!!!"
- M. Hocker

"Thank you for taking the time to respond to my mail and your kind gesture. I look forward to purchasing your products in the future!"
- M. Burns

"I need your mud mask, its awesome!"
- D. Thomas

"I was recently introduced to your line when my mother-in law returned from Israel with a gift  pack of your products for me. I am quite impressed with the products I tried.  Never before have I seen such rapid results!  My gift pack included hand cream, foot cream, body lotion, body mud and foot salts.

I am very interested in trying the facial care line.  I would like to obtain pricing and delivery times for all the products in the Normal to Oily category.  As well, if you have samples of any other products that you can send me when I place my first order, I would greatly appreciate it."
M. Guyer

"I enjoyed speaking to you at the International Beauty Show held this week at the Javits Center, and thank you for the pleasure of sampling your facial scrub product. You really are a professional! I have been utilizing the facial scrub, and I have to tell you that I am absolutely delighted with the immediate results. As early as this morning my friends were commenting about how much better my skin looked."
P. Londoño

"Thank you sooooo very much for the Mineral Care mud mask!!!! I first Bought it while visiting Israel and refused to throw the tube away until I found more!!! There wasn't any phone number on the tube and I was delighted to find you on the web....I'm new to tech...but now see the value in it!!!! I've always taken care of my skin but need to tell you I have fewer lines on my face than my nieces....I guess it has paid off since I'm at the mid fifty range right now and they are only mid thirties!!!!! 

Thank you again and please know I'll be ordering again and again..I'm thankful I found you and this great product."
- C. Kane

"I want to share a thought I had about Mineral Care mud mask. Last week I realized that whenever I have an important face-to-face meeting I wake up ten minutes earlier to give myself time for a mineral care mud mask. I do this because of the feeling of confidence and vitality I get from the fresh, clean feel of my face when I wash the mud off. I feel invigorated and ready for anything. This is the holiday season, and it's time to offer thanks for the little pleasures in life. So here am, saying thank you for your wonderful products. Keep up the good work!"
- S. Ferti

"Thank you for coming into my life. Your Mineral Bath Salts really help me so very much. Thank you so very much."
- E. Inman

"This is the best cosmetics in the world."
- D. Babcock

"Thank you so much for your products. Now I can have good skin again!"
- John

" Thank you for being so responsive to my telephone call today on your product line. As I explained, one of the women I work with was wearing the body lotion and we all remarked on how good it smelled and wanted to know what she was wearing. She let us try it and not only was the scent wonderful it was a great moisturizer. I tried to find it in a number of stores and couldn't. I finally called you and found that I can purchase it around the corner from where I live."
- M. Kenniff

"I received some of your products for Hanukah and have been enjoying the use of them. I had gone to my dermatologist because of dry skin. He did give me some cream to use.

Since I have been using your mud soap the itch has disappeared. Your soap lathers more than any I've used. The bubbles seem softer and slides over my skin. I noticed that the skin around my nails is softer also. 

I also like your bath salts to relax in the tub. While I soak I use your mud mask on my face and neck. I like the mask because it does not dry my face as others do. My face feels soft afterward.

I am looking for a nourishing night cream. At 74 years I want my face to be soft."
- M. Miller

"I bought a bottle of your Mineral Care moisturizing body otion at Epcot in Disney World at the Millennium village and have never had a lotion that worked so well on my dry skin. I ordered other products online that claimed to be from the Dead Sea but they could not compare to yours."

- K. Pollock